Teacher training for Deaf education

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Project Description

Some 30 teachers from Mauritania, Senegal and Mali followed the 4 months-teacher training in Langue Colorée, the method for Deaf education. Location: our Center for the Deaf, Maison des Sourds. The following subjects were taught: Pedagogy (by M. N’Gam), American Sign Language (by M. Khalifa), IT (by Codou Diop & Amadou Guisse), Communication, Visualization & Cercle Rouge (a method to teach deaf children to read and write) and pedagogy for the Deaf (by Woodi Oosterom Ba).

The teachers, who work at the Silent Work schools for the Deaf, return annually for a continuation of the training to Maison des Sourds, where they are introduced to the newly developed curriculum. Day by day the curriculum is discussed, they share their experiences and based on their expertise they discuss adjustments of the curriculum. They also receive training in sign language for the newly developed teaching material, so that the signs are unambiguous.

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