We are a silver link in a golden chain


We are African-European. We listen, we learn and let African values, requests and plans guide us. Without forgetting Western ones. With friendship, trust and patience, we enter into lasting relationships for special projects. This is how we get to where others do not have access.

We believe that every child, every human, has the right to live an independent and healthy life. We support local projects for water supply, agriculture, health care, education, employment and for deaf people and children with disabilities.

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Our impact


For two decades we have been working silently together with local communities and governments. We are proud that these co-created projects, small and large, have added up to sustainable, social impact:

Complete communities in the Sahel region of Mauritania have been lifted out of extreme poverty by improving basic conditions like drinking water, agriculture, health education and employment.

“For every euro invested,
we got 6.8 euros
in social value in return.”


Social Impact Report by Social E-Valuator commissioned by our water-solar-agriculture donor d.o.b. foundation

Lives, opportunities, and social position of the Deaf in Mauritania have been improved by regional schools, and a training and advocacy hub in the capital.

Special education for the Deaf and for children with a disability in Rwanda has been boosted by our example project Komera (which is now independent and partly funded by the Rwandan government).

In the wake of the war in Rwanda we have supported people and local economies by assisting in processing trauma’s, rebuilding schools and supporting smallholder agriculture and goat keeping.

The Pan-African Deaf community is now flourishing: about 50 countries are exchanging knowledge and co-developing Sign Languages and education methods giving Deaf all around the continent a voice and a better life. We are playing one of the leading roles in this.