• Dreaming of water

    Alas, this book is only available in Dutch.

  • A Veil of Sand

    An enchanting tale about Africa. A self-conscious white, western woman falls in love with a TRADITIONAL African man.

  • Taking sides

    Kleur bekennenKleur bekennen (Taking sides); published in 2005. Wiljo's first novel about Africa. This novel brings us

  • Nothing is as it seems

  • Behaviour by example

    Communication by visual means

    . Behaviour by example: written with Jan van Lieshout; this book deals with the methods

  • Stars of Rwanda

    Children write and draw their experiences during the genocide in 1994

    Stars of Rwanda: texts and drawings made

  • Unheard

    A surprising story by the writer about her deaf and mentally disabled foster son in a prison

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