Director Maison des Sourds passed away

Director Maison des Sourds passed away

Director Maison des Sourds passed away

  • On 27 July 2018

We all from Silent Work in Africa and here in the Netherlands are shocked and upset by the death of M. Sanghott, the director of Maison des Sourds.

Demba and I got to know Sangott while jointly building a future for deaf youth in Mauritania. As director of Maison des Sourds, together with M. N’Gam, he was part of all projects for Deaf people throughout Mauritania and for two schools for Deaf people across the river in Senegal.

He has been pivotal in Maison des Sourds. He was of big support to the deaf teachers and students of the vocational training and the experimental primary school class. And for the people of the seven satellite schools in Mauritania.

He was also closely involved in the organization of Centre Commercial, the five stores and companies that will start-up at the end of this year.

He also assisted in the organization of Langue Colorée training courses for teachers in Deaf education, as well as follow-up courses, and Sign Language courses at Maison des Sourds and beyond.

He had plans at an advanced stage for a group of boys and girls between 12 and 16 years, who are in jail for various reasons, to offer them vocational training on their release. He maintained close contact with their family to support them as well. This could ensure that these young people could build a future in a positive way.

Our sympathy goes out to ALL who will miss him immensely, his wife and children, family, friends, and all Silent Workers, here in the Netherlands and in Mauritania.

We will not forget him.

On behalf of all Silent Workers,

Demba Abou Ba and Woodi Wiljo Oosterom Ba