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Strong girl, girl power

afterIn an earlier travel journal I shared the story of a strong girl, who, in spite of her difficult life, fights like a little tigress for a better future. We let you know that there were options for her, and several people who read our mail responded with a
commitment to her careWe usually do not mention people who donated to a
project in our travel journals, but for these two girls in
the US we wanted to make an exception. These girls, Rachel and Hopi, both 12 years old, heard from their teacher in California – a faithful reader of our journals – about the story of this strong girl. They decided to take it up to raise money to make the first surgeries possible. And they succeeded! When I was visiting friends
in California I met Rachel, so that I could tell her in person about the amazing difference this surgery has made our Strong Girl’s life, not only in her appearance, but also in her place in her community.
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dromen-van-water-wiljo-oosterom-boek-coverAlas, this book is only available in Dutch.

Dictonary Sign Language in 24 categories

In collaboration with DeafNet Silent Work has develloped  two sign language dictionaries  . Both dictionaries are in 24 parts, which are 24 categories like ‘food and drink’ or ‘tailoring’. One dictionary with signs of the American Sign Language and the other dictionary is with signs from the Arabic sign language.

Sign Language dictonary in 24 categories

The dictonary American Sign Language in 24 categories and the dictonary Arab Sign Language in 24 categories is printed and done. The schools for Deaf and the Maison des Sourds can use them now. Many signs in categories as animals, carpentry and sewing  are shown in pictures. dictonary sign language

For the year 2016

we wish everybody a save home!

nieuwjaarsgroet 2016

After 14 years, a new TOYOTA


To buy a new car in Mauritanie is risky business, so we went to Senegal. But to buy and order a new TOYOTA here is no party either. But after a month of arguing, visiting the shop, getting angrier and angrier and talking to the boss, the new car was in our possession. And to use it is a feast!


10Two hours delay in Amsterdam.
Four hour delay in Paris, waiting in the plane.
Strike at Air France.
Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport: 35 degrees and wet, soaking wet. Many cars on the road, so many stops along the way
accompanied by hordes of mosquitoes. Every night in Dakar they feast.
The puddles on the streets and in the homes are a true paradise for them, but less for me.
The mosquito repellent awaits in our village in Mauritania over 1400 km. away.

This is a fragment out of the latest travelstory. Unfortunately only available in Dutch

Karate Lessons for children in Mauritania

karate lessons mauritanieKarate lessons started. The children are very motivated. Even as the temperatures rise above 40 degrees, they practise under  tarpaulins which protect them against the sun. Twice a week, after school,  9 girls and 17 boys attend the karate lessons.

Students from Holland (Nijmegen) visit Maison des Sourds

studentsFive enthusiastic students have raised funds with various actions and projects. This sum of money was delivered personally in Nouakchott. Woodi was very proud she could give them a tour through Maison des Sourds.

Study books and DVD’s




Silent Work worked hard in 2014. View the new projects which Silent Work has set up in Mauritania for education. To continue, please click on the photograph.

Fouta: girl with one leg

A young girl of about 14 years has received a prothese for her missing leg.

Fouta: girl with cleft lip

A girl of 13 years was operated because of her cleft lip

Kaedi: water for toilets

The elementary school in Kaedi has water. This is important for hygiene.

Kaedi: school for deaf children

Reconstruction of two classes on the grounds of a school for hearing children. Including repair of school furniture.

Nouakchott: DVD’s with signs for Formation des formateurs

Two DVDs with 1000 signs each, a DVD in Arabic sign language and an other DVD in ASL (American Sign Language). The third DVD contains more than 1000 icons, many examples and «Bonjour ayons une petite conversation» an information booklet about intercommunication with deaf and sign language.



Nouakchott: study books for Formation des formateurs

The books and the education teaching materials designed by Silent Work (Woodi Oosterom Bâh). This material was developed for Africa and fits the culture and lifestyle of Mauritania.


The Set includes:studybooks

Langue colorée: visualization, communication and Cercle Rouge.

Langue colorée: Pedagogy.

Langue colorée: exersice book

Langue colorée: behavior by exemple

Nouakchott: an experimental class in Maison des sourds

The experimental class during the four months of Formation des Formateurs, contains eight children, and was split into a visualization class for small children and a Cercle Rouge class for older children.


The students of the Formation of formateurs followed practical tasks according to this experimental class.


The construction, equipment, educational materials and structural material has been purchased by Silent Work.

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